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  Balance’s clothing division is one of the most experienced in the business.  We have worked very hard at perfecting the art of screen printing.  We use the highest quality equipment. Our crown jewel being our 18 head screen printing machine that can print 1000 shirts at top quality in just an hour!  When most people hear “screen print” they think only T-shirts.  Well, we don’t like to limit ourselves to what most people think.  We print t-shirts, sweatshirts, dry fit athletic style shirts and many other apparel items. 


  If a screen printed garment isn’t exactly your style, don’t worry! We have something for everyone.  We also do flocking, metallic & other transfers, and embroidery. Embroidery is great for many garments including t-shirts, hats (of multiple styles), jackets, polos, bags, etc... The best thing about embroideries is there's no minimum order! We can work with almost any art files you provide if you have something already made up. Or if you just have a rough design idea (or no idea at all!) We have a very talented in house art department that is ready and eager to help you create your perfect garment!


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